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My Angels

In 2003, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and I was her primary care giver for a while. I found that she was in great pain. 

That’s when My Angel was born.
These My Angel foam dolls are designed art that give patients something to hold to help them endure pain and to provide companionship while they recover.  Additionally, these foam dolls can provide a gentle range of motion by helping them flex their muscles in their hand. They are small enough to fit in a small palm and are light to carry around. "My Angels" have been donated to hospitals around the United States and have been gifted to patients the world over. The American Cancer Society, Inc., Surveillance and Health Policy Research department estimates that about 1,929,560 new cancer cases are expected to be diagnosed in 2014 and if possible I would like to reach out to each of them.  
My goal is to reach every patient undergoing treatment for traumatic illness with a gift of “My Angels”.
To gift these foam My Angels to  others in your lives, please contact us here and we will gladly ship you our My Angels

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