Ubon International Wax Symposium 2016

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12th International Sculpture Symposium 2011 Changchun China.

2nd China-Changchun ceramics symposium 2012

10th Ubon International Wax Symposium 2016 Thailand.

In 2012 I represented the United States at the 2nd Ceramic Symposium in Changchun China. One of 20 artists created 6 sculptures for the International Sculpture park in Changchun China.
In July 2016, I was invited by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) to participate in the 10th Ubon International Wax Symposium 2016. I represented the U.S. as one of seven international artists.  The sculpture symposium runs in conjunction with the traditional candle festival in Ubon Rachathani, Thailand. International artists are invited to Ubon and are given tools and skilled assistance to realize their sculptures in large scale using wax.This unique symposium brings artists into a stimulating new work environment with new tools in a new country. Sculptors work in the open, so spectators enjoy this huge learning experience watching in real time the creation of a sculpture in seven different ways by each artist. The 200-year-old candle festival is the most elaborate festival held in Thailand, around the days of Asanha Puja and Wan Kao Pansa, which is the start of the Buddhist Lent period. ness was in its color. My final sculpture stood 12.5 feet tall. It looked stunning and imposing

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